Hello friends,

I want to begin this blog by saying a massive thank you to all my collectors and followers – I know over the last few months I haven’t been as active as I’d like so your continued support means the world. To my 1/1 holders, I have sold 6 different 1/1 pieces so far. Once I have sold 10, I will be air-dropping all 1/1 holders a special limited-edition piece as a show of support. It will be my first animated loop.

Tomorrow the first piece of my newest series of works will be released as a 1/1 on FND. Following this piece, I will be releasing pieces a lot more often – so look forward to weekly drops including some multiple edition works too.

Now a little bit on my break. While professionally 2021 had been wonderful – personally I have been through a couple of sad events. I lost my grandfather suddenly in the summer which had a terrible impact on a lot of members of my family – some very serious. Thankfully things are better now. Secondly, over the winter period, I (like many others) got Omicron. The whole family got it actually and post-recovery I felt extremely fatigued. This little 4–6-week period was painful because we couldn’t see our other family members over Christmas as one by one every started testing positive.

These things, on top of stress due to insomnia lead to large patches of art block. It was not just any art block though, I felt like the pencil was too heavy to lift and sometimes even physically couldn’t look at my own work for days. I used a lot of this time to read and study my favourite art books too. Things are better now though, getting out of the house, meeting my friends has helped and re-evaluating my own work has been greatly beneficial.

Now let’s talk more art: my new pieces will be both similar and totally different from my existing drops. I will still be creating sci-fi fantasy worlds with a surrealist feel. However, I will also be doing pieces that reflect my own internal struggles as an artist and a human. Focussing on insomnia, anxiety and feeling overwhelmed by the world. These pieces are a way for me to cope and I hope they can be as helpful and interesting to you all as my more fantastical works.

My next lighter series will be entitled ‘Androids’ and will be available on Known Origin shortly. These paintings are looser and lighter (and more me in some way) and explore the world of Android. I’ve always loved Androids – the wires and the philosophy.

To my future collaborators, I’m sorry for being so slow – however, I promise the works are underway and if you know me you know that I would never release something I am unhappy with. Other than my 1/1 pieces and multiple edition drops – I have 3 collabs coming up including one which will feature my first musical integration with the mysterious Villainous Perseus. Another will be a surprise reveal with a very cool duo and lastly one with an old friend who is a cartographer. You have all of these to look forward to from March onwards,

Sorry for the long post and thank you for reading – I can’t wait to share my new works. 

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