4k on Twitter + the Future

Thank you so much for 4k on Twitter. I really appreciate the support. It has been a crazy year so far – so many ups and downs (not just the crypto market). I feel like my artwork is at a stage of evolution. I have created a lot of works which will probably not see the light of day, though each is helping me grow. My next two 1/1 pieces should be released in the next 2 weeks.

To my collectors – I will keep creating regardless of the market. My goal for the near future now is to focus on my 1/1 narrative pieces. With the sale of KO to eBay I think I will hold off any more multi-edition pieces after the next two android pieces. While I enjoy this style I think for now I am happy to keep this as a collection of 4. Also, anyone who holds all 4 pieces will receive a bonus NFT from me! Similarly, to anyone who holds a 1/1 piece of mine already – look out for a gift towards the end of the year (catered to you) – an original 1/1 nft!

I would like to keep growing naturally. Hopefully, I can get on Superrare too (though I don’t know when I’ll have the time to create 3 original pieces!). I’m settling into life in London now and finally finding more time to draw.

Being able to draw for a living as my only job is my life goal, and thanks to you all I get closer to it every day. Thank you so much and I’ll post again soon 🙂

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