An Update on Things

Hello all, I haven’t posted a blog post in a while and wanted to write one to update and inform everyone about a few things. Most of the topics covered are based on many questions I get asked and my future in the space.

Firstly a thank you!

Thank you to everyone for the support on my last few pieces. I decided to focus my current work on narrative, story-driven 1/1 pieces – it has been a joy to create these. For the foreseeable future, my focus will be on these. Thank you to all who share, comment and collect my work – it really means a lot. I have plans to give something back to those who have collected a 1/1 of my work, though I’m still planning on how I execute this. Most of my pieces take me around 1-2 weeks – from concept to story to realisation. I want to put that much care in the form of a gift or reward too. Stay tuned!

My Current and Future Projects

As many of you know, I am also an architect, though I have recently focused on art more. I loved the feedback on The Sensory collection of works on Foundation. My next two major series of works will focus on new collections. One is titled ‘Tales from the Cosmos’; this will feature drawings and stories inspired by real mythologies in cultures regarding the cosmos. The other is untitled but will focus more on internal narratives, psychedelia and the mind. Both of these collections will feature 1/1 works with stories. I enjoy it when you tell and talk to me about the stories I have written that go with my paintings. I want to keep evolving this. My current goal is to have 1 piece each out in these collections by the end of October.


I will try to create a process video soon – I am lazy as my entire focus is always on the painting. I use a mixture of hand sketching, Procreate (iPad Pro), and Photoshop (13″ Cintiq) to create works. Most of my images use digital brushes I have worked on and created myself – these I am happy to share anytime, so DM me. I have a very loose style of work – starting with an image in my head that I gradually develop with the story I want to go with it. I love dark backgrounds and colours, as they give me joy!

Private Sales + Commissions 

I have begun seeing sales of my work in secondary and getting more questions on private sales – thank you so much for reaching out and helping me grow! I am more than happy to mint paintings if a collector really likes a specific older work (these are pre-Nov 2021). These are the current older works which I have available: If requested, I am happy to mint the specific piece to ‘The Journeys’ collection on my Foundation. I am also happy to take on commissions – however, these are closed until January 2023 due to my schedule. In terms of pricing – private sales and commissions will follow the trend of my most recent 1/1 sales on Foundation (ranging from 1.8-3 ETH depending on the painting). These prices are subject to change pending future sales, and I will update the private sales page as necessary. Please DM or email me to discuss this further (@wiresandtrees).

For now, I will not have private sales on any of my post-November 2021 works; my newer work (narrative and story-driven pieces) will remain auction only on Foundation.

I will not be doing any multiple edition works other than what’s available on my Known Origin (all my works on KO are multi). (*note: as of Nov 20 2022 I will not be adding to my KO works and have burned the onsold Lemon 02, however, as Patches 01 has holders that will remain).

Non-NFT work

I am happy to say I have some very exciting projects outside of my NFT work – I cannot wait to share these with you guys. I can’t say much at the moment, but part of the reason some of my 1/1 works take a while between releases is that I work full-time as an artist/architect. Big news soon!

Thank you so much for reading, guys and sorry for the long post! have a great spooky season!

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