Let’s Talk about the Space

Hello all, I thought, given the crazy things that have happened in the NFT space in recent weeks, I’d do a small update.


Regarding the FTX stuff, I’m so sorry to all the people that were screwed over; it’s probably the darkest day I’ve seen in space since I started and it really was scary. I’m still here to keep creating, and hopefully, things can improve over time. The circle I’ve found myself in on Twitter has been so good to me, and I’ve greatly enjoyed being a part of it – long may it continue.


Regarding the Twitter takeover, My insta handle is the same as my twitter and I post all my new works there if anything happens. I’m in the process of creating a discord, but that will take a little more time.

Open Editions

A lot has been discussed around open editions. I love the idea and concept. However, if I did it, I would like it to be interactive and slightly different from my usual 1/1 work. For this reason, I want to plan it and think about it; look out on my twitter for updates. Reading the discourse from collectors and artists around the subject has been great, and I’ve learned a lot.


Regarding multi-edition works, I have three editions of ‘Patches’ available on my Known Origin. I’ve decided not to post any more pieces on KO for the foreseeable future and have burned my unsold works that have no holders. As ‘Patches’ has holders, it is still available until the end of the month. Link here: https://knownorigin.io/gallery/6951000-patches-a-001

Single Editions

1/1s will be the focus, as mentioned in my last blog; they are what I enjoy the most.

My next significant 1/1 drops are my SuperRare genesis and my FND drops. The SR drop is almost ready to share, and I will make an announcement 24 hours before the drop. The FND drop will follow Under the Pale Moon’s story and be released at the end of the month.


Regarding prints, I have ordered new Hahnemuhle paper and will have 30 limited slots available for print requests. These will be A4 prints and £25 (signed and numbered). Also, any collectors who own a piece of mine will be sent their prints over the next week! Look out on my Twitter for an update.

TYSM for reading guys and have a great week 🙂

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