Hello February 2023

I am writing a blog post about my plans and the start of 2023. Firstly, I want to thank my new collectors – happy to see my 1/1 finding new eyes all the time! It was also fun to create a piece for a world on foundation. I did my first bidder’s edition with the piece, which also gave me great joy. Last year ended strong, and this year has started steady, so I look forward to the coming year!

With the release of this blog, I will also put up one of my favourite pieces, ‘The Falling’ (a piece you see everywhere on my banners). A very loose and sketchy painting that helped me develop the style I have today. I consider it part of my three core paintings which began my NFT journey and I’m so happy to release it. The other two were ‘The 2am Diaries’ and ‘Lost in Dreamfields’. It was while drawing this piece I had found the joy of the brushstroke. It has a low reserve as a 1/1 as it’s an earlier piece, and hopefully will go to someone who appreciates my art journey and the essence of implied detail (my favourite way to share form). I wanted it to still be a 1/1 as that’s how I’ve always seen it. 

My following major works will be:

Two follow-up pieces in ‘Tales of the Cosmos’ – both 1/1s – continuing the story
My next piece in ‘The Space Fantasy’ – 1/1 –
Another piece for a Foundation World – 1/1
My first ever manifold edition drop – it will most likely be an edition of 44 pieces available at 0.044 ETH (released with tutorial, decided the tutorial works better for this piece versus A Spirit’s Journey!) – still planning this

There will be no order to the releases mentioned above, as I work on paintings simultaneously, so I will release them as I see fit. The aim is to have them all before mid-March.

Finally, I will be revealing a special painting soon for all who hold a 1/1 of my work (including The Falling) – so keep a look out!!

I’d love to work on a Discord and, hopefully a sales bot as my releases are more frequent. I promise my collectors I am here for the long term – it’s been an incredible year and a bit since I joined the space, and now that my architecture commitments are less, I plan to go create faster. January was a tough month due to many personal reasons. It very much felt like ‘The Falling’ – so hopefully, Feb can be better.

Thank you again all of you, my collectors and those who always comment and share my work.

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