April Update & Somewhere in the Stars

Hey friends, it is blog update time again. Thought I’d start by saying thank you as usual, I reached 13k followers and my pieces seem to be getting more attention online, this is all thanks to you. I have so many cool things to announce in the coming weeks. BTW COMMISSIONS ARE NOW OPEN :)!

I just released Somewhere in the Stars on Foundation, I think it is my most complete work yet. The market is a bit slow but I feel at my most creative right now. I’ve seen some people leave the space recently and I respect artists’ decisions to do as they please (as long as they too are respectful). However, I will be here for the long term and keep painting and creating as I have always done. https://foundation.app/@wiresandtrees/star-e76d/4

By the way the winner of this painting will receive the original ink hand-drawn sketch, I don’t usually offer my original work but I think this compliments the piece as it is a very complete sketch. It will be framed of course!

I would love to speak to someone about generative art and creating my own AI tool (where I can put in my own paintings and play around). I want to experiment with new things as I find them fascinating (this doesn’t mean I will change my usual drawing and painting routine :P). I am especially interested in deconstructing my work as much as possible through generative art, I want to challenge what form and flow can be in a pixel/digital state. So if anyone is interested, let me know!

To my collectors, thank you for your support even in this bear market. I still plan to release more pieces with bidder editions and an open edition in the coming weeks. My main focus is still 1/1s but I will also be giving winners of my pieces more back such as some of the original hand-drawn sketches I make when I create. I am also starting to be more active on discord and in the process of creating one for narrative/story-telling artists 🙂

I want to keep growing as an artist and want to branch out more, so I hope I can take part in community events more often. It’s hard as I am quite an introvert but I will try! I also think my art style is developing and am so excited to create my next works. My coming paintings will be:

A foundation drop with a bidders edition

New SuperRare piece

A foundation or manifold open/limited edition

Hopefully a nifty gateway drop ğŸ¤žğŸ¼

Thank you all.


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