The Night Willow

At the edge of the dream world sat a great tree known as the Night Willow. A special tree with a faint glow that was a beacon for lost travellers searching for a way out. It was looked after by a kind and gentle Guardian.

One night, a lost dreamer approached the Night Willow, mesmerised by its beauty. She had been wandering for what felt like days, desperate to find her way home. The Guardian appeared beside her and comforted her gently; he knew some humans would be scared of his appearance. Slowly, the Guardian assured her that she was at the end of the dream world and that he would get her home safely.

He approached the Night Willow, finding the branch which contained her dream. He asked her to touch the branch and close her eyes. After a few seconds, she opened her eyes and saw the morning sun flickering through her bedroom window. Relieved and knowing everything was just a dream, she smiled and whispered thank you to the Guardian of the Night Willow as she got up for the day.

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