Prints and Paintings

Hey friends, how are you? figured I would update my blog!

Thank you so much on all your support on my print sale. They are almost all gone, only about 6 A4 and 3 A3 slots remain, so thank you so so much. This will be my last sale in a while so I really appreciate it, Prints will be shipped on Tuesday or Wednesday this week.

Secondly I wanted to talk about my future with NFT art. The market is slow right now but I will keep creating. I may change the way I do things to reflect the current market by altering how I present and sell my work, but let’s see. Hopefully I can use this time to experiment. Thank you again to all my collectors, I’m sorry I cannot sell all my work as quickly in this market but hopefully the art itself will keep people interested in and supporting my work. My goal is to build a universe of my pieces with an inter-connected story and hopefully you can see it unravel slowly. My passion for painting and writing stories will never go and I cannot wait to share my next works. I have been very very lucky in this space so far and I will never forget that ✨

I am now focused on my SR pieces and a bidder’s edition FND piece. Though I had an idea to include a bidder’s edition for the Night Willow so may lower the reserve on that to execute it. It’s a painting I initially decided against as a bidder’s edition but now that I have had the time reflect maybe it works better with it. I am also ready to do an open/limited edition, so lookout for that soon.

By the way, I am now open for commission work as I have caught up on all commissions, so if anyone would like something send me a DM or an email at

Much love everyone, have a good Sunday and I look forward to sharing new work this week 💜

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