May 2023 Update

Hey friends,

Thought I would give you a blog update! wanted to go over a few things and talk about the space a little.


Firstly prints; all prints have been shipped now and tracking numbers should have been emailed, if anyone hasn’t received their numbers just DM me. Also if your print hasn’t arrived by the end of May let me know and I will replace it! My next major print sale will be in July

New Art

So I am happy today I will have a new FND drop this week with a bidder’s edition. I’m very excited about this one because it one of my favourite paintings I have done. Following this my drops will be a FND edition drop, 2 tezos drops for fakewhale and hopefully my Nifty Gateway geneses. I also have one other piece releasing but more on that later!

I am open to commissions at the moment and I have one 1/1 available on primary on SR but also open to private offers. Just send me a DM.

The Space

As the space is slow at the moment I will try using this time to be more experimental. Thank you all for your support during these times. It is not easy being an artist atm but I hope my work can keep connecting with people. As I mentioned in the last blog, I have no intention on leaving NFTs and will keep creating regardless. After all even when I have anxiety the thing that calms me down is drawing.

I am still very interested in generative art and finding new ways to express my work so if anyone wants to work together do let me know!

Speak soon,


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