I am taking new commissions for July 2021 onwards

Print and Commission prices below – timeframes always discussed in person or on email – contact me on – SHORT NOTICE WORK INCURS A 25% RUSH FEE .

I will send you a full price breakdown chart once we begin discussions. I charge a 30% deposit


Digital Art Commissions

I charge £20 p/h (minimum £120) and vary based on complexity, contact me for a full quote and breakdown, this will be discussed via email/call. 


Traditional Art Commissions

Prices begin at £350 and vary based on complexity, size and medium, contact me for a full quote and breakdown, this will be discussed via email/call.



A4 Prints of existing work – subject to availability – CLICK HERE

All prints purchased directly from me are signed, dated and numbered

 Alternative Prints (not limited edition or signed) and other items like mugs, t-shirts etc available on the following sites (if you want to request a specific print please email or call me):


Architectural Work (RIBA Part II qualified) 

I offer design consultation services, planning advice, submission guidance, concept design services and a full design pack. Please contact me for details




Consultation + Site Survey

£40 per hour (plus travel)

Includes discussion of ideas, site limitations and local planning rules

Existing Model + Concept Plans for Pre-Application Advice

£120 – £499.99

Light survey to site to draw up draft ideas and draft plans for potential pre-application meeting with the council

DBA Design Report

£899 – £1099+

A pdf file including renders of proposal, plans to scale, build cost estimate, planning advice

*Please note I am happy to guide the client and help with planning submission to the council too, though this will be done under the client’s name. If the project does not get through planning, I am happy to alter the design for free.


CONDITIONS re: commissioning:

Conditions and Rules for Commissioning 2021

  1. All commissions over £129.99 require a deposit of 25% to be paid prior to commencement.
  2. All commissions will be sent as a low-resolution file prior to final payment, once the final payment is confirmed a high-resolution file in the required format will be sent
  3. I will send an invoice detailing the deposit + full fee once the commission has been agreed
  4. Any significant changes to the commission once completed will be charged 10% of the original commission price per iteration – minor changes are free of charge
  5. Any details required that are not mentioned in the original agreement but added later will be charged 10% of the original commission price per iteration
  6. I will usually begin the process post deposit by creating some thumbnails for you and am happy to engage with you (the client) throughout the process via bi-weekly/monthly updates/calls
  7. I have no rules re: NSFW; I am open to commission work exploring gore, horror, sexuality and taboo subjects (as long as they are approached in a meaningful, thoughtful or personal way). I have always believed art to be a medium where we can tackle the most difficult and controversial aspects of ourselves and wider society. Please note this does not mean I will draw absolutely anything, I have the right to refuse any commission work and I will not respond to requests which would be considered illegal in the UK.
  8. Please do not turn any commission of mine into an NFT unless it is discussed with me before hand – I request 20% of any NFT sales made of my commissioned work
  9. Please respect my style of work. If you are commissioning me, I am under the impression you have seen my previous work and understand my visual style
  10. Please credit my work wherever possible once you post it (not required but it would be appreciated)
  11. Please feel free to call or email me anytime regarding potential commissions, if you are un-sure we can talk it through. I am happy to arrange face to face meetings too post covid as long as it is in the UK
  12. I am happy to frame and hand-deliver traditional work if it is UK based (will deliver it for free as long as cost of frame is covered)
  13. Timeframes are not always easy to give in art, due to many factors. For example the drying and layering time in traditional work. Similarly, equipment can fail when it comes to Digital Art. I can work reasonably fast however please be considerate regarding timeframes – I will always give a rough idea of when I think a piece can be finished by, but this is never set. However, I will always email you with updates regarding your piece. For pieces which are high priority and must be completed by a set date, I may charge extra or require up to 2 months’ notice.
  14. Please no requests for animations, video-graphic design or powerpoint/indesign presentation work – I am not taking these at the moment
  15. If you want to purchase any of my original non-commissioned art please contact me and let me know the piece you are interested in.
  16. I do not work for free but am happy to share advice and some assets for free: brushes, processes, answer questions etc, please email me at