Hello February 2023

I am writing a blog post about my plans and the start of 2023. Firstly, I want to thank my … More

An Update on Things

Hello all, I haven’t posted a blog post in a while and wanted to write one to update and inform … More

Sensory Overload

When everything just feels too much – this painting was created at a time I felt totally overwhelmed with all … More


Hello friends, I want to begin this blog by saying a massive thank you to all my collectors and followers … More

The Lovers on Orion

The Lovers on Orion Born on opposite sides in a forever expanding and contracting Universe, there is only one point … More

The Starlight Rider

The Starlight Rider Somewhere far in the world of dreams, A great stork flies with coloured wings, Sitting upon the … More

The Fear Catcher

Somewhere in the realm of sleep lives the Fear Catcher; not to be confused with the Dream Catcher. When coming … More